New Home FAQ

Purpose of New Home

The purpose of new Home is to bring forward the Champions that you're connected with, including both the Champions and the specific people guiding your growth. We will release new functionality to Home in two additional iterations! (You can read about those below.)



What can I expect to see in the new Home iterations?


Iteration 1

Champions will be front and center in the new Home. You will have easy access to the Champions supporting you and their Featured Content and Feed.

    • New feature: Champion Slider
      At the top of Home is the Champion Slider. You can swipe through the slider to see the Champions you're connected to.
    • Featured Content and Feed
      You can find Featured Content and recent Feed posts under the Champion Slider.
    • To-Do Lists
      Champions will be able to assign To-Do items to you. These will show up in your To-Do Lists–which have moved! You can now find your To-Do Lists in the upper right corner of the screen.


Iteration 2

The new Home will emphasize the specific Champion members who help you grow.

    • Champion Members
      The Champion members who have a relationship with you will be shown at the top of your Home, along with the To-Dos related to that relationship. Champions themselves will shift to the bottom of the Home.
    • To-Do Cards
      To-Do Cards will be introduced. They'll give an interactive and clear view of the recommendations sent to you. These cards will help you see what actions to take in order to stay on track in each relationship you are in!



Can I customize the order of the Champion Slider?

At the moment, the order which Champions appear in Home is based on the date you connected with them. Look forward to seeing customizable Champion order in the near future!


Where do I find what was on my old Home?

The old Home is now called Library. The layout got a facelift that makes it easier to access Programs, Collections, Assessments, and more!


Where did my Feed go?

A Champion or user's entire Feed can be found on their profile. And you can still see the collective Feed with posts from users and Champions you're following—open the Feed from the top navigation on web, or from the list on the "Account" page on the mobile app.


I'm seeing red dots. What are they?

These red dots (or badges) appear when you have unobserved messages, notifications, invitations, or other actionable items.

    • Library Badges
      A badge under the Library icon indicates that a new To-Do was added.

    • Home Badges
      A badge under the Home icon indicates that a new To-Do was recommended.

    • Message Badges
      A badge under the Messages icon indicates that there is a new post in a Space or Direct Message, or you've been added to a new Space or Direct Message.

    • Notification Badges
      A badge under the Notification Bell icon indicates that there are new Feed post notifications, new connection requests, and more.
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